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How Much Does It Charge To Develop An Advanced Web App In 2024?

Web app development has emerged as a building block to run business operations successfully.  It is considered a strong tool for interacting, connecting, and making transactions with worldwide users. Besides, it has a phenomenal growth market.

Therefore, it is imperative to note its development cost. However, for this, you need to look at the types and factors affecting its cost. 

In this blog, we have mentioned the average cost of developing an advanced web app in 2024 to a simple one. So, give this blog a read and have all the information in your CPU!

What Are the Costs and Factors to Create an Advanced Web App In 2024?

Types of Web Apps and Their Development Cost

Type Number 1: Native Web Apps

Category: Complex

Average Development Cost: Above 100,000$ and could exceed up to 250,000$ or more.

Description: Native web apps fall under the complex category. They consist of premium functionalities. Also, they are created only for one platform. For instance, suppose you have a writing website like Essay Writer ; then, you can have its app on either Android or iOS. 

Also, they utilize platform-specific programming languages, which is why they are quite expensive compared to the other types. Further, they provide the best user experience and can access the hardware and software of the device. 


Type Number 2: Hybrid Web Apps

Category: Moderate

Average Development Cost: Varies from $50,000 to $100,000.

Description: These web apps lie under an average category. They are created using web technologies such as HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. You can run these apps on more than one platform. Though they are unmatchable to native web apps, recent developments have significantly contributed to increasing their efficiency. 

Also, unlike native apps, access to the device hardware and software is limited. Further, their development cost is lower than native apps because these apps utilize the same codebase for all the platforms they operate. 

Type Number 3: Progressive Web Apps

Category: Simple

Average Development Cost: 20,000 to 50,000 dollars approx.

Description: PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) are generally considered budget-friendly apps. These are the best option for businesses who have limited budgets. As they fall into the lower category, that’s why they have very limited access to the device’s features. Though these apps are less powerful, they are great for easy scalability.

Further, they use modern web technologies, allowing users to work offline, give push notifications, and provide a native-like web experience.

Factors Affecting Web App Development Cost

Factor Number 1: Features & Functionality

If you want to develop an advanced web app in 2024 for your business, then keep in view the features and functionality of it. It is one of the factors which affect app development costs. For example, the basic features include user registration, simple navigation, and an elementary user interface, which will cost you less. 

However, for an advanced web, you must incorporate premium functions like real-time communication, upgraded data analytics, custom user interactions and AI to make it technically sound, eventually costing you more money. 


Factor Number 2: Design & User Experience

The second factor is design and user experience, which will determine the cost of your web app. Suppose you opt for a custom design that consists of absolute branding, the best user experience, and a premium interface. In that case, this approach will raise your budget by twenty to twenty-five per cent in comparison to the standard design. 

But if you want to remain within budget, then it’s better to go for ready-made templates. This will reduce the development cost by thirty to forty per cent. Though you will not find any uniqueness in the design, it’s a viable choice to satisfy your needs. 

Factor Number 3: Infrastructure & API Integration

Infrastructure particularly the backend and API integration, is important for web app development. For instance, if you want users to Ireland Coursework writing services swiftly, then you have to pay a good price for an enhanced server and database. These are directly related to customer trust and facilitate you in gaining potential clients.

Also, incorporating third-party services for payment processing, social media, and other areas might increase the cost of your web app. Thus, invest wisely as per your needs and preferences. 

Factor Number 4: Rates & Developer Region

Rates of app developers vary from country to country. The role of geographic location matters a lot and significantly affects the cost of web app development. For an advanced web app in 2024, North American developers might charge you hundreds to two hundred dollars per hour. 

However, in Eastern Europe, the cost is comparatively low. Further, in Asia, developers will charge you from thirty to fifty dollars per hour on average. Hence, if you want to hire one, you might target Asian developers to create your web app at a reasonable price.  

Factor Number 5: Compliance & Security

Effectively incorporating compliance and security might increase your web app development budget. Having security protocols is essential, particularly in dealing with app-sensitive data. It is crucial and comes under premium features. 

Also, abiding by legal and regulatory standards such as GDPR and HIPAA is necessary to create security-proof web apps. Therefore, allotting a separate budget to compliance and security is a must if you want an advanced web app in 2024 to run your business operations securely. 



How many developers are minimum required to develop a web app?

A minimum of four to five developers are required to develop a web app. However, how soon they can complete your work depends on their professional experience. If they master the skills they could deliver your work within a week. 

Can I develop a web app for free?

There are multiple web app builders available to create web apps for free. Though it is a hectic process, if you follow the guidelines precisely, you will be able to create one. Also, they will not charge you until you go live. 

Are we required to install a web app?

No, you are not required to install a web app. They are delivered on an internet browser. However, in the case of native web apps, you can download them on your devices. 

Is there any requirement for a domain for the web app?

There is no such requirement for the domain to create a web app. But, if you want to make your web app publicly available, you are supposed to get it registered and purchase a domain for it. 

Is the web app development process easy?

No, the web app development process is not easy. Therefore, hiring professionals and leaving your work in safe hands is better. However, if you are an expert, then there is no harm in creating a web app yourself. 

Wrap Up!

The development of an advanced web app in 2024 is multidimensional and influenced by various technical and non-technical factors. With digital advances, there is a high chance of an increase in web app creation costs. That’s why it is important to learn each factor and type of web app to make informed decisions and take measures that suit your business needs. Once you get familiar with the cost of every web type, gaining knowledge on the web development process is vital to facilitate your business in a wholesome way. 

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