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What is the best driving school to go to?

In this article, we will not dwell on how to identify a fraudulent driving school, but will talk about the direct learning process and, of course, prices.It is easy to check whether an educational institution is legally operating. To do this, just go to the official website of the traffic police and find out if the students of this institution take exams in the traffic police. Accept? Amazing! So everything is in order with the documents at the driving school.Let’s move on to a more important question: what to look for when choosing a driving school and which one is better to go to study?

Education in all driving schools in Russia must comply with the program approved by order of the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation of December 26, 2013 N 1408. The educational process lasts 2.5-3 months, during which the student must master 130 hours of theory and 56 hours of practice. Therefore, there should not be any special differences in training programs in driving schools. But they can be implemented in different ways.

Theoretical part

Classes can take place in the classroom, online or recorded. What is more convenient?Some prefer the old-fashioned way to go to classrooms for three-hour lectures. However, this requires travel time, and in a pandemic, being in a confined space with a dozen or two people is generally dangerous.

At the other extreme, there is an educational application that allows you to learn the Rules of the Road on your own without attending classes at a driving school. But in this case, the student is deprived of the most important thing – feedback from the teacher. Well, about discipline and self-organization, too, one cannot fail to mention.

The ideal middle ground is online webinars. The student joins the lecture at the appointed time, goes through the material, asks questions to the teacher. Everything is like in the classroom, only at home or anywhere else in the world. The main thing is to have the Internet. The advantage of this type of class is also that if the student missed the lecture, he will be able to watch it in the recording at a convenient time.

Classes on the simulator: for or against

Some driving schools offer their students to take several practical lessons on the simulator. They allow you to learn how to adjust the mirrors, introduce you to the controls of the car. And if simulators go beyond driving lessons with an instructor, then there is nothing wrong with them. But replacing even one practical lesson with a simulator is a significant loss for the student. After all, only on a real car, he will be able to feel the dimensions and structure of the vehicle.

Practical lessons

Whatever the driving school is and whatever reviews are written about it, people decide everything. If you come across a good mentor, then consider that the driver’s license is in your pocket.A good instructor does not “train” the student solely to pass the exam at the traffic police, but teaches him so that he can drive without problems in real life without the fear of driving on his own and the need to take additional driving lessons. Of course, it is impossible to become a confident driver in 56 hours, but you must lay the foundation in a driving school.

An indisputable advantage is that the educational institution has its own fleet of vehicles. In this case, the instructors will not think about the safety of their own car, but about the presentation of educational material. In addition, in the event of a car breakdown, the driving school will promptly replace it or repair it quickly, as the organization has financial capabilities and its own repair base.

Tuition price

An important parameter when choosing a driving school. Do not choose a cheap educational institution. It is highly likely that in the process of learning you will have to pay extra, and the final cost will be cosmic.

With the right approach on the part of the driving school, in addition to self-payment of the medical driver’s commission and the state duty for issuing a driver’s license, there should be no other additional payments.

The cost of training at a driving school HIVE! you can find out , and you can start studying for only 4990 rubles, paying the rest in installments.

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