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Tomato fever: India reports another viral disease after Covid-19, monkeypox


As parts of India report fresh cases of Covid-19 and monkeypox, another is spreading: tomato fever.

There have been over 80 cases of the in Kerala and the surrounding states of Tamil Nadu and Karnataka. Health officials have warned of a possible rise in cases and advised caution against the . Here are details about the disease, its symptoms, and prevention tips.

What is tomato fever?

Tomato fever is called so as it causes red-colored, tomato-like blisters and rashes on the skin of the infected person. It is also known as tomato flu or HFMD (Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease). It commonly affects children aged under five years. The disease is contagious but rarely fatal.

What causes it?

It remains unclear as to what causes tomato fever. Experts say it may be caused by a virus. It could also be a side-effect of chikungunya or dengue.

What are its symptoms?

The most common symptoms of tomato fever are red blisters and rashes, skin irritation, and dehydration.

Other symptoms include change in the colour of hands or legs, fatigue, coughing, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, stomach cramps, joint pain, headache, and body soreness.

How is the disease treated?

There is no specific cure for tomato fever. It is advisable to visit the doctor if you notice one or more symptoms of the disease.

How to prevent tomato fever?

  • Maintain hygiene and social distancing.

  • Wash your hands frequently using soap and water.

  • Keep distance from infected persons.

  • Avoid sharing utensils, clothes, and other items with the infected persons.

Patients of tomato fever should stay hydrated, take a nutritious diet, get proper rest. They should also avoid meeting people in order to prevent spreading the disease to others.


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